Dental Implant Procedure

What are my options to replace my missing teeth?

If you are missing a tooth, or teeth, you have several options. A dental implant procedure is one option to fill the remaining gap and restore your smile.

Why should I consider dental implants?

Dental implants are synthetic, artificial roots for various types of artificial teeth. They provide several benefits besides repairing your smile. Typically made of titanium, they are durable and at like natural tooth roots.

How does a dental implant act like a natural tooth root?

A dental implant procedure is where a titanium screw like post is surgically implanted into the socket left behind by a missing tooth. Because it bonds with the jawbone in a manner similar to a natural tooth root and supports an artificial tooth, it functions just like a natural tooth root.

Why are dental implants made of titanium?

Titanium is the preferred material for modern dental implants because it has high biocompatibility, which means it is safe to be used in the human body and is unlikely to cause adverse reactions. It also allows for osseointegration, a big word to describe the ability of bone to form structural and functional connections with it. In our bodies, titanium acts like bone.
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Why are dental implants a better choice than a traditional bridge?

Because of their durability and their ability to mimic the function of a natural tooth root, a dental implant can be a permanent replacement for a missing tooth. A dental implant procedure can also be used to hold a dental bridge to replace multiple teeth. This eliminates the need to alter the structure of existing healthy teeth. A traditional bridge would involve cutting down the two or more adjacent teeth.

>Are there other benefits to dental implants over traditional bridges or dentures?

Because they are permanently implanted in your jaw, dental implants can eliminate the embarrassing possibility of your bridge or dentures slipping. More importantly, their stability protects the integrity of your jawbone, reducing the chance of bone loss, further tooth loss and periodontal disease.

Do dental implants require surgery?

A dental implant procedure is the surgical placement of a dental implant in your jaw, which means they are a more invasive solution than traditional bridges and dentures, but they are also more durable and protect your jaw and your smile from further damage. Thanks to advancements, a dental implant procedure is simpler and more comfortable than ever, requiring only local anesthetic.

What are the risks of dental implant surgery?

For most people, receiving an implant procedure is simple and safe. As with any elective surgical procedure, individuals who suffer from bleeding disorders are not good candidates. There are various other conditions or medical treatments that carry the potential of making dental implant surgery unsafe, such as uncontrolled diabetes or radiation treatment. Always discuss with your dentist all health conditions, medical treatments and medications if you are considering any procedure.

If I would like more information about a dental implant procedure, can you answer my questions and address my concerns?

Yes! We go out of our way to answer all your questions, to inform you of all of your options and possible consequences, and to explain exactly what to expect. If you are in need of tooth replacement, call for a consultation today. The Joy O’Keeffe, DMD dental team believes not only in the art of dentistry, but also in your right to sincerely friendly, considerate, professional and comforting service in the Pembroke, MA area.

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