Dental Veneers


Porcelain dental veneers are an effective way to improve the look of your greatest asset, your smile.
Because porcelain veneers are very thin custom-shaped pieces of ceramic applied to the surface of the tooth, they can be used to brighten even the most discolored smile and make a chipped or worn-down tooth look perfect.
Dental veneers can be used to perfect irregularly-shaped and uneven teeth, as well as those that are uneven or misaligned. Do you have a gap that makes you self-conscious? Veneers can also be used to close extra space between teeth.

Duxbury porcelain dental veneers Pembroke Kingston Marshfield MAPorcelain veneers are perfectly sculpted to create the desired look of your teeth. Not only does the special porcelain used to create dental veneers look like healthy tooth enamel in color and texture, it also provides the same protection. If your smile needs improvement and you choose porcelain veneers, your smile will look healthier, and be healthier, as long as you continue your healthy oral care routine of at least twice-daily brushing, daily flossing and regular dentist visits.

If you hope to change the color or shape of your teeth, or make slight position alterations, dental veneers could be the solution for you. The application of dental veneers usually requires three visits to the dentist. The first step is calling for your consultation. We will listen to your concerns about your smile and the improvement you hope for, and examine your teeth to make sure you are a candidate for porcelain veneers. We will fully discuss all that the procedure entails and answer any questions you may have. For any considered procedure we go out of our way to answer your questions, to inform you of all of your options and possible consequences, and to explain exactly what to expect. A second visit is required for preparation and modeling of your teeth. Your final visit is for application of your dental veneers; you leave with a newly improved smile!

Perfecting your smile is the Art of Dentistry of Dr. Joy O’Keeffe.

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